Dj-Miss Krasniqi
Strasbourg, France
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Born in Bosnia & Herzegowina,Miss Arijeta Krasniqi has lived in different cities throughout Switzerland and established herself in France.At the age of 18 while working in a sushi lounge,it happened that they invited a DJ for a special occasion.Seeing her interest for what he was doing,the DJ threw her a challenge to find a mentor and learn the different aspects of DJ'ing so that she could be in his upcoming event one month later.That being done,she was up to the challenge. From there,she realized that she liked the experience enough to make a career in the world of DJ. At the age of 18,she started her first residency in a local bar.One year later,she started promoting herself on social networks and it didn't take long before she found herself booked in the trendiest clubs of the province.Since then,she's been touring Europe sharing her passion for music.

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